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Become Phobia Free Now!

Achieve Amazing freedom from Phobia’s using incredible tried and tested techniques to become Phobia Free now

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is an intense, persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, situation, or person that manifests in physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, rapid heartbeat, or shortness of breath, and that motivates avoidance behaviour.

Phobia’s at their worst can be totally debilitating.  If you have a phobia then you will understand the overwhelming fear that can be experienced from what others may just perceive as everyday objects or situation.

Phobia Drawbacks

Many people who suffer from phobia’s feel that they’ve had to put a part of their life on hold. Avoiding events or places out of fear is also common for Phobia sufferers.  Often time’s this can lead to a feeling of missing out when family and friends can quite easily go about their daily lives without having a second thought. You too can live life in this way.

There is good news

The good news is not only are Phobias curable they can be cured without highly stressful exposure therapies.

Breakthrough and proven techniques in NLP, EFT (tapping) and Hypnotherapy make being Phobia Free, a painless and relatively quick journey!

You can become Phobia Free now.

For a limited time only offer of £100.00* (normal rate £135.00 per session) you will be fully supported, with tools and direct access to ensure that in the shortest amount of time you will become totally Phobia Free. 

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No follow up charges
  • No additional support charges

Just a single flat rate of £100.00* (US$150.00) to become Phobia Free.

I wonder if you can picture your life without that phobia, all of the things that you may be able to do, the time saved, the memories gained.  Can you just imagine what that must feel like? It’s not just about being Phobia Free it is effectively adding another layer of freedom to your entire life, it’s giving yourself the chance to become  more care-free and more content.

A Phobia Free Session is right for you if you…

  • have had enough of having to adapt your life when others don’t need to.
  • want to partake in the fun and adventures that others do but have been unable to.
  • want to enjoy all aspects of your life.
  • simply just want to enjoy a picnic with friends.
  • want to watch TV without wondering when you have to next cover your face.
  • just want life to be easier.
  • no longer wish to be held back by fear

Click below to start your journey to being phobia free now

*Price is based on working on a singular phobia to completion.  All sessions take place through on-line video calls.

I have had a paralysing fear of wasps that has got worse with every passing year. It reached a height this summer and I was unable to enjoy my garden and started to make excuses not to go outside. 

From the minute I met Phil virtually, I knew I could trust him with my feelings and I was able to be completely honest and open. Phil did a couple of EFT sessions with me as I was going to Corfu on holiday and had read hotel reviews all mentioning there were loads of wasps. 

He took the time to understand the details that made my fear so palpable. On the first day of my hotel I saw a lot of wasps, too many for my liking getting close and so I rushed back inside. 

I felt so sad that I was going to ruin the holiday for my partner and had failed to conquer my fear. I messaged Phil as I was considering staying in my room for the rest of the holiday and he immediately offered to do another session. We identified new things I hadn’t picked up on before like my fear of them landing on me or getting trapped in my clothing.

As a result of that session I was able to sit outside and even had wasps coming close to me and I didn’t react. Phil did a further session with me on the same day and it has cracked it for me. 

He really is so very kind and clearly loves helping people. He has changed my outlook and has had the most positive impact on my life – not to mention saving my holiday. I would recommend him to anyone, he is simply amazing.



I have had a phobia of all bugs for as long as I can remember and it caused me a lot of stress over the years.

I recently had a series of 3 sessions with Phil, prior to an upcoming jungle trip, to finally address the phobia. Phil was amazingly helpful, being so compassionate, patient, understanding and supportive throughout the entire process. I felt very safe to look at my fears with him.

Things began to clear immediately and when I finally went on my trip I had an absolutely amazing time being surrounded by nature and had no fear or stress whatsoever. I was able to appreciate the beauty of the bugs, and their purpose on this Earth, and to see them with love. I could walk up close and look at them comfortably, I didn’t feel my old usual need to squash them before they could attack me. I wanted to let them live and even helped a trapped cockroach escape through an open window. I had a large grass hopper land on my hand and whilst it surprised me, I was able to laugh and let it sit next to me comfortably, letting it do it’s thing.

I am so grateful to Phil for his help in assisting me to be more comfortable with nature, in a way I have always longed to be but struggled with. I highly recommend working with Phil towards healing and greater inner peace and empowerment.

Thank you Phil!”


Hong Kong

As well as helping people get phobia free I facilitate change on many levels as a Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner.  My Home page is

*Price is based on working on a singular phobia to completion.  All sessions take place through on-line video calls.


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